Leading the American Party

In less than 10 years...  

We could be living in a communist America where the only safe place to speak our true feelings is around the dinner table with our family...  

Where the Chinese own our government with debt bonds so large, we can never be free...  

Where men feel so dejected that they never defend the weak.

Where women feel so empty that they no longer can love their children.  

Where America is a shadow of its old self and its citizens are truly powerless, shackled with ideologies that eroded our freedoms and ruined life as we know it for the next 10 generations…  

We can change all that. Not by being Democrat or Republicans. But by being Americans.  

My name is Marjorie Greene. I’m an American just like you. A mom. A business owner. The only label I want is American.

I will speak for you. I will fight for you.  

Not as a politician but as a voice of “We the People.” 

A regular American.  

We must act. WE MUST ACT NOW.  

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Marjorie Taylor Greene 

American Public Figure

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Marjorie Taylor Greene | Copyright 2019